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Hakone Hotel Kowakien is located in Hakone, Japan's most popular resort area.

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Hakone Hotel Kowakien

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Hakone Hotel Kowakien is the oldest building in Kowakien which is consists of three hotels and Spa amusement park. Some of buildings in Hakone Kowakien are National Registered Cultural Properties. Hakone is one of the popular hot spring areas with quick access from Tokyo. (Google Map)

Hakone Hotel Kowakien boasts of a vast expanse of beautiful Japanese garden in front of the lobby. The garden is 16000 square-meter and made in 1914. You can see fireflies dancing from mid-June to mid-July every year, which explains natural environment is preserved for a long time.



Notice about the Volcanic earthquakes in Hakone Owakudani



Room & Suites

The classically decorated rooms have an en-suite bathroom and a seating area. A flat-screen TV and an electric kettle are included in each.

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Hakone Hotel Kowakien has 5 restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fontainebleau Restaurant serves French cuisines overlooking the hotel’s garden. Shisen offers Teppan-Yaki dishes, while Grandvert has buffets featuring a variety of cuisines. Azalea Lounge brews coffee and has open-air seating.

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Public hot spring "Seseragi no yu"
The hot spring is located in the beautiful garden. This garden is for a view from the hot spring. (Don't worry no one walking through by!) There are indoor and outdoor hot springs for both male and female separately. You can enjoy the view of Hakone Mountains.

* In Japan, people are not allowed to wear swimming suit in the hot spring inside the hotel. If you do not like it but want to experience a hot spring, you can go to “Hakone Kowakien Yunessan." This place is a spa amusement park. People enjoy spa, pools and water sliders with swimming suit.


  • Hotel guests 6:00 am - 24:00 pm (Last appointment is 23:30 pm)
    Free of charge.
  • Visitors: 9:00 am - 18:00 pm (Last appointment is 17:30 pm)
    Adult 1600 yen, Child 1000 yen

Relaxation Esthetic & nail salon “Sucre"
Facial, body, hair and nail treatment are available.
We use a skincare brand, GERnetic crème for facial treatments for followings.
1) Synchro: Basic skin treatment 10,700 yen
2) Myo Myoso: for firming and lifting 18,900 yen
3) Cytobi: for moisturizing 21,000 yen
4) Les Parfait: for revitalizing 31,700 yen

We offer a variety of treatments for facial, body, hair and nails. If you would like to take treatments, we consult what kind of skin trouble you have and offer the best solution for you.


  • Closed on Mon. Open: From 12:00 pm - 17:00 pm

Massage room "Waku Waku"
Point-pressure and oil massage are available. You can choose from several massage courses from below.
Appointment is required for all massage courses. Tax is included.
1) Full body massage 4200 yen for 40 min., 6300 yen for 60 min.
2) Soft massage 4500yen for 40 min., 6600 yen for 60 min.
3) Sport massage (Strong massage) 4500 yen for 40min., 6600 yen for 60min.
4) Spa therapy(Point pressure massage for body and oil massage for feet) 4800 yen for 50 min.

Unique ethnic massage (4800 yen for 40 min., 7400 yen for 60 min. for all services below)
1) Hawaiian massage "lomi lomi"
2) Asia- Balinese massage
3) English- Aroma oil massage
4) "Waku Waku" original, lymph massage
*quick course is available 2100 yen for 15 min. , 3200 yen for 30 min.


  • Weekday: 3:00 pm - 23:00 pm
  • Sat & Sun : 12:00 pm - 23:00 pm
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